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(9th - 12th Grades)

Principal: Jeff Sutton, Ed.D.

Corinne Nobles


High School Phone #
910-791-4248 Ext. 112

Wilmington Christian Academy, as a ministry of Grace Baptist Church, exists to assist parents in teaching students to glorify Jesus Christ in the pursuit of spiritual, academic, physical, and social excellence. 

Summer Reading List 

9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


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Send Labels for Education and Box Tops to the school. We turn them in for free products.


Excellent Science Labs

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Whiteboard Interaction

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Competitive Sports






2013-14 Important Dates:

  • May 30        Last day of

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    High School Student Life Initiative:

    The purpose of the GOAL program is to expose student's Globally to brothers and sisters in Christ who are reaching lost souls, as mandated in the New Testament's Great Commission.  In addition to sharing in these world-wide missions, the program provides Outreach opportunities for students to minister both spiritually and physically to our "neighbors" in Wilmington, as demonstrated by Jesus and His disciples. To promote school spirit, class unity, and positive, clean fun, numerous Activities throughout the school year will create a year-long competition.  To allow our students to use their God given talents for His glory, Leadership options will be presented so students can excel in their service at WCA.


    Flag Football was fun!

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    Back to School Retreat

    Every year before classes start, the students take a fun-filled retreat to the Anchorage Christian Camp. The two days are packed with  games, lake time and water activities, faculty and student skits, great food, /files/TeacherPageFiles/PhillipsMichael/MP Clip Art/IMG_2895.jpgmaking new friends, and spiritual training.  This year, the Herbster Evangelistic Team challenged the students to embrace our theme, "Different by Design." This trip builds school spirit and class enthusiasm that will last the entire year.



                            Field Day 

    /files/TeacherPageFiles/PhillipsMichael/MP Clip Art/img_2971_Resized_300x225.jpgAfter a couple of months of intense studying, students are ready for a break.  The physical education department comes to the rescue:  FIELD DAY!  This exciting event creates school unity and fun.  The high school is divided into four teams with names based on the theme for the day.  This year in "WCA /files/TeacherPageFiles/PhillipsMichael/MP Clip Art/img_2938_Resized_300x225.jpgGone Cameo," the Rapid Rabbits survived the battle that raged among them and the Thunder Chickens, Beastly Boars, and the Super Squirrels. 


    Biblical Emphasis 

    At Wilmington Christian Academy, every teacher is a committed Christian, who cares not only for the students' academic needs, but also their spiritual needs.  All subjects, therefore, are taught so that every student develops an thorough Biblical worldview.  Whether it is in Biology or AP English Literature, students learn what the Bible says about practical issues of life.

    Bible class meets four times a week in a normal classroom setting.  These classes are usually divided by grade and gender (i.e. freshmen boys, junior girls.)  After four years at WCA, a student will better understand the themes of the Old Testament, lessons for Christians from the New Testament, and specific topics that relate to young believers in American society.

    Every Wednesday, students meet in the auditorium for chapel.  Chapel is family time for the entire high school.  From messages from pastor from the staff at Grace Baptist Church to programs developed and performed by the students, chapel is designed to address the needs of hearts.  As students and faculty member’s hearts hear God’s word, we are better able to apply His will to our lives!



    Every year students at WCA earn scholarships for post secondary study.  The following is a partial list over the past few years.

    • The United States Military Academy Preparatory School located at West Point admitted Class of 2012 graduate, Josiah Luce with an appointment to its program (USMAPS). 
    • The Citadel extended an appointment to Class of 2011 graduate Jason Hauptman, along with the awarding of the 2011 Marine Corps Scholarship through the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps. 
    • Taylor Cook, Class of 2011 was awarded dual appointments to the United States Naval Academy and Virginia Military Institute.  Upon his final selection to attend the US Naval Academy, he was also awarded a full athletic scholarship to play soccer for the Navy.
    • Kolby Palmer, a 2011 graduate was offered the Presidential Scholarship, totaling $12,000.00 from Wingate University located in Wingate, North Carolina based on his academic performance at WCA.  This scholarship is renewable annually for four consecutive undergraduate years at Wingate University.
    • Shae Casper, Class of 2010 was offered the North Carolina Central University’s Soaring Eagle Scholarship, which is a full four-year scholarship that pays for in-state tuition and fees, room, board, books, a $500 a semester stipend, internships and a laptop computer. 
    • Class of 2010 graduate, Laury Barralaga was awarded a $6,000 Honors Scholarship, along with a $1,000 Residence Scholarship to attend Mount Olive College in Mount Olive, North Carolina. 
    • The North Carolina Blueberry Festival awarded a $3,000 Scholarship to David Smith, Class of 2010, based on an essay he entered regarding the importance of blueberries to the North Carolina Agricultural Community.  Many of our students from years past have entered this contest and won scholarship money on various levels.
    • Zach Judson (2010) has multiple choices for his developing military career.  Virginia Military Institute has accepted him to four years of college which includes living expenses.  The actual cost is difficult to calculate but is valued at over $150,000.  In addition, Zach has congressional appointments to the Naval Academy, U.S. Military Academy, and the Air Force Academy.
    • Crista Faison (2009) earned a Teaching Fellowship Scholarship to the University of North Carolina-Wilmington.  This scholarship over four years includes foreign travel and is valued at over $80,000.
    • Lacy Schuup (2009) won several scholarships by submitting essays to various organizations.  Included were contests through the Daughters of the American Revolution and The Rotary Club.  Her scholarships exceeded $6,000 for her first year at Patrick Henry University.



    In an effort to develop a young man or woman’s God-given leadership abilities, WCA offers a variety of opportunities.  Each class elects /files/TeacherPageFiles/PhillipsMichael/MP Clip Art/ACHS Logo.BMPrepresentatives who direct exciting activities that range from daily homeroom devotions to plans for the senior trip.  Both the American Christian Honor Society and the Student Council have been established to assist students in leading service related events.  Students who demonstrate Christian scholarship, leadership, character, and service are nominated for Wilmington Christian’s chapter of the ACHS.  The Student Council is open to all students who wish to serve others through activities at WCA and throughout the Wilmington community.

    Students each summer attend the Youth Legislative Training Conference hosted by the American Association of Christian Schools.  This program challenges students to view the U.S. legislative process from a biblical perspective.  Students benefit from activities including a Congressional briefing, professional workshops, and a mock Senate simulation in which real world issues are debated.  Along with visiting historical sites, students visit their Senators and Representatives.  This is truly a great experience for
    politically-minded high school students.


    WCA students annually exceed state and national averages on the ACT (American College Test) which is administered to nearly 1.2 million college bound students.  After graduation, approximately 94% of WCA students will attend a post-secondary institution.  Of those students, a quarter of them will continue their education at a Christian university or college.  Nearly every student who applies for college will be accepted into the college of his or her choice.

    The majority of WCA students will earn either the College Preparatory or Honors Diploma upon graduation. These students exceed the requirements for graduation from the North Carolina Department of Education.  In addition to advanced and honors courses, students may enroll in AP Calculus, AP English Language & Composition, and AP English Literature & CompositionA General Diploma is provided to students that meet graduation requirements of the State of North Carolina.  Resource classes are available for students with mild learning disabilities.

    Every academic program is fully accredited through the North Carolina Christian School Association and the American Christian School Association.


    A Well-Rounded Education 

    A student's educational needs are more than just the basic subject areas. WCA provides opportunities for students to study other avenues of interests through elective courses.  Our curriculum is enhanced with courses such as photography, broadcast journalism, newspaper, yearbook, advanced physical education, robotics, and computer applications.

    A vivid fine arts program offers instruction by quality artists in choir, band, drama, and art.  Along with programs throughout the year, these students compete in state and national festivals as they develop their God-given talents.


    A competitive sports program for ladies and men includes soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, and cheerleading.  Visit our Athletics Webpage.



    "Hats off" to the High School Choir for singing at Grandparents' Day.