Faculty & Administration


President & Pastor of Grace Baptist Church:


  Financial Administrator: 

  Preschool & Elementary Principal: 

  Middle & High School Principal:

  Director of Development & Alumni Relations: 

  Athletic Director:

Secretarial Staff:

 Administrator Secretary, High School Secretary, Office Manager:  Corinne Nobles (email)

 Financial Secretaries: Lori Ulmer (email), Nicole Robertson (email), Janet Tucker (email)

  Preschool & Elementary Secretary: Beth Hayden (email)

  Middle School & Athletic Secretary: Kate Lewis (email)

   Main Office & WCA Registrar: Melody Neal (email)

  Main Office Secretary & High School Attendance: Jackie Brier(email)

Preschool Faculty

K3: Louise Boney,  Barbara Iovanna,  Megan Emery

K4:   Janna Attoe,  Jane Barth,  Joanna HerchenhahnNancy Poe

Elementary Faculty:

K5: Debbie LindquistRebekah SchmigJennifer Hall

1st: Ruth Albright,  Cindy LangPhyllis Lindsey

2nd:     Madison GurleyLeAnn Thorpe

3rd: Pam Ramsey, Victoria Rexroad, Tiffany Brown

4th: Sue Young, Brandon Risinger

5th: Ben Neal, Christie Augst


Preschool & Elementary Electives:

 Physical Education: Michael Craig,  Art: Dylan Metcalfe & Kristy Tew,  

Band: Scott Brier,  Computer: Karen Parish,  

Media Center: Susan Pope,  Music: Linda Estep,  Spanish: Heather Robertson


Middle School Faculty:

Jeff Attoe: Bible & Social Studies  Michael Craig: Physical Education  Chris Staton: Math 7

 Carlton Riffel: Art  Scott Brier: Band, Choir  

Susan Hite: Bible, Math, & Organization  Gertie Rollins: Special Education

 Joy Coats: Special Education Karen Parish: Computer 

Pam Harmon: Bible & English   Susan Pope: Media Center

 John Tew: Science, Bible, S.T.E.M.   Emily Grice: English  

Jessica Phillips: History, Speech & Science  Will Robertson: Bible   Tonya Upton: PE & Health


High School Faculty

Boyd Ulmer: English  Scott Brier: Band  Beverly Dorey: Science & Public Speaking

 Harold Dotson: Math    Chris Staton: Math, PE & Health 

Cork Albright: Digital Education, Non-traditional Students   Michael Craig: PE & Health

Carlton Riffel: Art   Gertie Rollins: Special Education  Susan Pope: Media Center, Electives

 Joy Coats: Special Education Susana Stamey: Spanish, Electives  Edith Marsh: Science

 Nick Gurley: Bible   Sherri Register: Bible, Social Studies Wes Rickard: Choir 

Heather Robertson: Photography & Yearbook   Wendy Rohm: Math & Science  

Jeanie Stewart: English, Speech & Drama   Robert Upton: Bible & Social Studies