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Wilmington Christian Academy Athletic Philosophy

The athletic program at Wilmington Christian Academy deals with more than physical and social enjoyment. We use athletics to cultivate Christian young people in the areas of competition, cooperation, and submission to authority. Athletic competition is a testing ground where we expect our athletes to demonstrate the kind of character found in our homes, churches, and Christian school. In each sport the coaches seek to instill Godly character traits through athletic experience.

The prevailing attitude among all those participating in the sports program at WCA should be: “I want Christ to be glorified in my life.” Winning is important, and we teach our athletes to become winners, but more importantly, athletics should augment and support the spiritual and academic goals of Wilmington Christian Academy.

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Fall Sports
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High School Sports
Boy's Varsity Soccer
Boy's Junior Varsity Soccer
Girl's Varsity Volleyball
Girl's Junior Varsity Volleyball
Cross Country

Middle School Sports
Boy's Soccer
Girl's Volleyball
Girl's Tennis

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Winter Sports
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High School Sports
Boy's Varsity Basketball
Boy's Junior Varsity Basketball
Girl's Varsity Basketball
Varsity Cheerleading

Middle School Sports

Boy's Basketball
Girl's Basketball

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Spring Sports
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High School Sports
Boy's Varsity Baseball
Girl's Varsity Soccer

Middle School Sports
Boy's Baseball
Girl's Soccer

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