G.O.A.L. Program


The purpose of the GOAL program is to expose student’s Globally to brothers and sisters in Christ who are reaching lost souls, as mandated in the New Testament’s Great Commission.  In addition to sharing in these world-wide missions, the program provides Outreach opportunities for students to minister both spiritually and physically to our “neighbors” in Wilmington, as demonstrated by Jesus and His disciples. To promote school spirit, class unity, and positive, clean fun, numerous Activities throughout the school year will create a year-long competition.  To allow our students to use their God given talents for His glory, Leadership options will be presented so students can excel in their service at WCA.


Each year students from WCA serve Jesus Christ by serving others on mission trips.  In the past, students have traveled to China, Peru, Honduras, Haiti, Costa Rica, and numerous other places.


Our community service involvement was born out of a desire to help students fulfill the Christian call to discipleship and stewardship. Following the example of Christ, we are called to serve Him by serving others. At WCA, we give our students many opportunities to serve others, not only in our communities but the world as well.


Feed the Hunger   

Special Olympics

Pretty in Pink

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Salvation Army Angel Tree

Relay for Life