Dramatic Arts

The Academy’s dramatic arts program is multi-faceted and provides students of all ages with opportunities to develop their God-given ability to communicate through speaking.

Through the elementary speech program, children participate in interpretive workshops, poetry competitions (classroom, school and regional) and public performance opportunities.

The middle school speech program incorporates hands-on activities as well as the preparation and delivery of a variety of speeches. Students participate in both verbal and non-verbal activities such as pantomime, storytelling, reader’s theater and formal speeches. Public performances and competition opportunities provide valuable experience for developing speakers. 

As a performance-based high school course, drama emphasizes effective communication skills and introduces students to a variety of oral performance literature. Basic and advanced elements of oral interpretation and acting are taught. Students gain mastery of course objectives through individual and group instruction in the classroom setting. Public performance opportunities such as concerts, plays and contests provide invaluable performance experience.

High school students benefit from the public speaking course. It is a comprehensive study of public speaking intended to give the student purpose, practice, and polish in any speaking situation. Students learn to develop logical outlines and communicate effectively through persuasive, informative and ceremonial speaking. There is an emphasis on overcoming stage fright and speaking clearly and concisely.

The high school competitive speech class is valuable for those students interested in developing critical thinking skills and argumentation. It prepares students for higher education and careers in ministry, law, business, or politics. Students prepare for inter-scholastic competition in team debate, declamation performance, extemporaneous speaking, preaching, Bible teaching, and original oratory. Written affirmative cases and negative blocks, along with other prepared, original persuasive speeches are developed. Consequently, research skills improve through instruction and practice. Students develop and maintain files on debate resolutions in preparation for tournament competition.