Middle School

6th – 8th Grade

Middle school students enjoy a program designed to augment basic academic skills in an enjoyable environment that encourages group interaction while developing individual responsibility. We are thankful for the opportunity to be assist you in guiding your children through this transitional time in their lives and helping prepare them for success in their high school and college years.

Our middle school Crew program is an exciting program of competition and community service opportunities that enhances student life at Wilmington Christian.

Subject Information


Bible classes are offered 5 days per week. One Bible teacher is in charge of the entire Middle School program and is able to maintain a unified focus as the students progress through middle school. A yearly theme is emphasized with all classes, along with the curriculum that centers on “Redemption” in sixth grade, “Life of Christ” in seventh, and “Old Testament themes” in eighth grade.


In sixth grade the focus is on the fundamentals of math and the teacher will make evaluations in the course of the year to aid in giving recommendations for math placement in seventh grade. In seventh and eighth grades students are placed into Pre-Algebra and Algebra I based on motivation, maturity, and ability.


Science is the study of our physical and natural world through observation and experimentation. Although, scientifically speaking, neither creation nor evolution were observed by man; we will evaluate evidence that is available to show that creation is a far better explanation of the origin of man and the universe in which we live.

English & Language Arts

The English language and it’s use is an art. Students are taught proper form for written expression, introduced to literature that can challenge their thinking and help reinforce their world-view. This is done while maintaining an emphasis on proper grammar in expressing their thoughts.

Social Studies

Studying the events of history from a Biblical perspective challenges our students to evaluate their actions as citizens of both heaven and earth as to how they might impact their culture in a positive way for both now and eternity.


Wilmington Christian middle school electives offer students a wide range in fine arts as well as other practical studies that can broaden and enhance their experience in contemporary, culture, general knowledge, and social skills.


Teachers are proficient in the use of technology in the classroom, utilizing computers, ipads, interactive whiteboards, and a variety of applications and software to aid in communicating knowledge to students.

Students will have opportunity to use devices in the classroom and at home to research and produce projects. Students in computer classes will work on projects that utilize microsoft applications and are then graded in a general education classroom.