Middle School C.R.E.W

Community Service

Our focus is training our young people to show an attitude of Christ in being servant minded and helping those in need.  Past events have included; Special Olympics, Yahweh Center, Salvation Army, Good Shepherd’s Home and the Anchorage Camp.


Each month a record of conduct points is tabulated focusing on the positive element of not receiving violations and demerits at school.  All student points are added together to equal an overall total for each separate crew.


During Wednesday chapel services students will be given occasional Bible games to earn points for their crew.  This is an exciting way to challenge their  minds with Biblical doctrine and scriptural challenges.

Crew Calls

Crew calls are announced competition times.  On any given day, the crews could be called out of their classrooms to meet on the field or in the gym to participate in a quick team building exercises.  The winning students will earn points for their crew.

Crazed Crew Competition

Crazed Crew Competition is organized team games that meet in the gym or on the field for a full hour of fun.  These will meet once a month.