Growing Faith

Believing that genuine and comprehensive education is grounded in the truth of God's revelation, biblical truth is naturally and purposefully integrated into the Academy's challenging academic program, extracurricular activities and student life opportunities.

Students are introduced to faith in Christ and encouraged to explore and adopt a biblical worldview by personal interaction with teachers and participation in Bible classes, chapel services, spiritual emphasis initiatives, school retreats and mission endeavors.

At Wilmington Christian Academy, every teacher is a committed Christian, who cares not only for the students’ academic needs, but also their spiritual needs.  All subjects, therefore, are taught so that every student develops an thorough Biblical worldview.   Bible class meets four times a week in a normal classroom setting.  These classes are usually divided by grade and gender (i.e. freshmen boys, junior girls.)  After four years at WCA, a student will better understand the themes of the Old Testament, lessons for Christians from the New Testament, and specific topics that relate to young believers in American society. Every Wednesday, students meet in the auditorium for chapel.  Chapel is family time for the entire high school.  From messages from pastor from the staff at Grace Baptist Church to programs developed and performed by the students, chapel is designed to address the needs of hearts.  As students and faculty member’s hearts hear God’s word, we are better able to apply His will to our lives!

Student Life Opportunities