Zach Johnson

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Zach Johnson

WCA Class of 2010


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

BS Mechanical Engineering

Minor in Mathematics

WCA did more than prepare me academically, it prepared me mentally and emotionally. So many young adults graduate, go to college, and most want to experience the "social scene." WCA helped to instill in me the fortitude to say “no”. The teachings and doctrines taught gave me a desire to achieve more, be a better human, and always serve the Lord.




WCA Class of 2011

Pharmaceutical Business/Data Analyst

UNC Wilmington

BA Mathematics and BS in Statistics

I was definitely more prepared than most going into college. In some cases I think I actually learned certain material in greater detail at WCA than I did during the first year of college, particularly regarding the writing-intensive subjects. The teachers at WCA were the biggest reason why I felt prepared: they're good people, and they're always willing to dedicate the time and effort to help you understand the material.

Caroline Fountain


WCA Class of 2017

Campbell University

Major in Biochemistry/Pre-medicine 

Minor in Spanish

Responsibility, teamwork, and compassion are promoted through various organizations like student government, honor society and endless service projects. WCA provides ample opportunity to get involved and thrive in our local community. I have to say the spiritual preparation is the most important facet WCA instilled in me. I came to know Christ as a sophomore as a result of a teacher sitting down and explaining to me that salvation is a relationship with the Savior rather than just head-knowledge about the Scriptures. 

Chris Karras


WCA Class of 2016

UNC Chapel Hill

Major in Business Administration

Minor in Public Policy

The academics at WCA thoroughly prepared me for those at the college level. I learned valuable time management skills, test-taking skills, and organizational skills from WCA that have propelled me to academic success on the next level. The courses I took at WCA all represented academic excellence. Overall WCA represents a desire to compete with excellence, whether in the classroom, on the court, or on the field. The spiritual emphasis provided at WCA has guided me throughout my life and will continue to do so.