Branding Guidelines

Branding guidelines will ensure our brand is used and communicated with consistency and quality.


Wilmington Christian Academy, as a ministry of Grace Baptist Church, exists to assist parents in teaching students to glorify Jesus Christ in the pursuit of spiritual, academic, physical, and social excellence.


The style of our brand has been carefully designed to reflect our personality, mission and values. Implementing these elements consistently is not only professional, but will reinforce the foundational principles on which the brand was created to portray. Observing the primary W logo mark, one can see the brand style is intended to be CLEAN, SHARP, STRONG, GEOMETRIC with subtle curves, and PATRIOTIC. While there are several ways to implement these principles, please refer to the documentation below for best practices.

Table of Contents


Academic Crest


Primary Logo

Primary WCA Logo.png

Athletic Logo

Final Patriot Logo.png

Logo Usage


Do Not:

  • Unevenly Stretch or Squish the Logo

  • Use the primary colored logo on a dark background

  • Put other design elements right next to or touching the logo.

  • Use a combination of fonts with our logo that are different than our brand typography below.

  • Use the Logo in a sentence

  • Apply effects like glow or shadow

  • Use the logo on a busy background

  • Use a pixelated image of the logo

  • Use the seal interchangeably with the logo.


  • Evenly scale the logo or name using the corners when resizing.

  • Use the logo made for dark backgrounds instead.

  • Leave at least 1/4” of space around the logo.

  • Use the provided fonts when using our logo with another title or poster

  • Use just our name in a sentence

  • Use the logo as provided

  • Use the logo on a background that is simple and contrasting

  • Use the correct resolution of the image

  • Use the seal for large scale academic applications where all details can be visible.


Bad Logo Usage Examples


Web Fonts

Print Fonts

Print fonts.jpg

Heading 1 - Bitter

Heading 2 - Bitter

Heading 3 - Open Sans

Paragraph - Open Sans


The colors in our Brand were carefully chosen to compliment and contrast one another. Color accuracy can be difficult as printers, screens, and products all have differences. The 4 color descriptors below should help achieve better accuracy. Pantone spot color (PMS) is an industry standard way of identifying color. CMYK is a 4 color method used in printing. RGB is a 3 color method used for digital applications and screen. The Hex value is a color system commonly found in web applications.

WCA Blue.jpg

Primary Color

PMS: 287 C

CMYK: 100, 91, 17, 5

RGB: 0 50 135

HEX: #08357D

wca master branding file.jpg

Secondary Color

PMS: 187C

CMYK: 22, 98, 100, 14

RGB: 175, 35, 25

HEX: #AF2319

Light Gre.jpg

Primary Accent Color

PMS: 663 XGC

CMYK: 8, 7, 7, 0

RGB: 230, 230, 230

HEX: #E6E6E6

Navy Blue.jpg

Secondary Accent Color

PMS: 295 c

CMYK: 100, 85, 42, 43

RGB: 0, 40, 75

HEX: #00284B

 Branding Elements

Several branding assets have been supplied to help anyone using the brand to have a more consistent style. Quality design balances these elements and is typically more subtle than bold. Many times this means lowering the transparency of a design layer or overlaying a color on top. Unity is best achieved when only one design asset is used at a time in a specific design.


We have also supplied several templates that already include our brand. While we have done our best to make these files accessible, some templates are only editable using professional design software such as the adobe suite, affinity designer, or other vector editing programs. Alternatively, if you cannot use the template files, you can request a design using the button below.

 Learning Resources & Tools

There are several online tools and resources for creating engaging and beautiful content. Let us know if we need to add anything to the following section.

Free Stock Photography from

Free Stock Photography from

Learn how to take better photos.

Learn how to take better photos.

Free online design tool –

Free online design tool –

Free image/vector converter -

Free image/vector converter -

Free Graphic Vector Resources -

Free Graphic Vector Resources -

Free Vector Editing Software -

Free Vector Editing Software -

Font pairing -

Font pairing -

Affinity Designer Tutorials -

Affinity Designer Tutorials -

Free online photo editor -

Free online photo editor -